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Составте рассказ о американской школе

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    Education in the USA drastically differs from many other countries. There are 50 states in the country and each of them has its own peculiarities. So the national system varies from state to state.

    Nevertheless, there is a certain pattern of education in the USA, which comprises into three types of schools: public school, private elementary school and private secondary school. Only public schools are free and they have their own system in each state. Private schools, depending on the area, require a certain fee.

    Elementary education is available from the age of six or seven. The main school subjects at this stage are English, Arithmetic, Natural Sciences, History of the USA, Geography, Physical Training and several others. Besides learning English, many schoolchildren choose to study different foreign languages, such as French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian etc.

    Children study at Elementary school till they are 16. After that, they can go to secondary school, which is also known as high school. Many high schools offer selective subjects for those students who want to enter a specific college or university after school graduation.

    The majority of American pupils continue their studies after school. Some go to the college, some to the university. Studying at college lasts for four years, and after that the student gets a Bachelor's degree.

    Studying at university may take four or more years. After four years the students also get the Bachelor's degree in Arts or Science. Some students, who wish to continue studying, go on for a Master's degree. Studying at American colleges and universities requires certain tuition fees.

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