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Составьте текст на английском языке 6-7 предложений про Glasgow для 6 класса

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    Glasgow is the largest city of Scotland, almost 1 million of people live there. It is situated 50 miles from Edinburgh near the western coast of Scotland.

    The city was founded in the 6th century, for a long time it was not more than a cluster of cottages built on the river Clyde. Then the city began to develop, there was built the second university in Scotland, and it made Glasgow an important educational centre. When America was discovered it led to the increasing import of tobacco, sugar cotton, and a shipbuilding industry also began to grow. Soon Glasgow was one of the richest and most successful cities in Britain.

    However, in the 20th century, things went wrong with the city. The city's heavy industry was destroyed under depression of the 1930's and many people lost their job.

    Glasgow and its closest industrial towns stand on the Lancashire coal field. It dominates the whole region and every day many people go there to work. A great number of manufacturing industries is centred there. In the 18th century Glasgow was already a great port of manufacturing centre. Shipbuilding, iron, steel, machinery, chemicals, textile, clothing, marine and aero engines, road vehicles and machine tools are the leading industries in Glasgow.
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