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Написать мистическую историю про кражу на английском

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    A Mystical Story

    This story happened ten years ago in one English village. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson arrived in Clovelly late at night. They came from the USA to spend their holiday in a lovely surrounding. As it was rather late, they decided to stay overnight at a hotel. Next morning, after a short walk Mrs. Johnson realized that she fell in love with this peaceful place. She said she wanted to buy a house in Clovelly and move to England. So, they spent a day looking for a detached house or a mansion. Finally, they’d found one and went to see it with an estate agent. There was a kitchen, a dining room and a living room on the first floor. And, there were three bedrooms upstairs. While Mrs. Johnson was exploring the second floor, she felt a strange cool breeze coming from one room. It was the darkest and the most unpleasant room she’d ever seen. Nevertheless, they decided to buy the house but to renovate the strange bedroom upstairs. The same night they were celebrating their profitable investment at the local pub. Mr. Johnson ordered a bottle of champagne and told the bartender about their new house. The young guy went pale when he heard about that house. He said that nobody had ever wanted to buy it because of its dark past. In fact, the owner of the mansion was murdered in his bedroom. Since then people tell various mystical stories about this place. Moreover, they say that the ghost of the former landlord still dwells there. Mrs. Johnson was terrified. She said she knew there was something wrong with that room. Next day they quickly packed and caught a plane to New York. The Johnsons never came back to Clovelly again.

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