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Напишите сочинение про кукол на английском языке (5 класс)

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  1. 12 апреля, 02:53
    I have a little collection of puppets. They are big and small, beautiful and not really, old and absolutely still the new. In free time I like to comb them hair and to change dresses. All of them are such pretty! But from all collection I would like to allocate three: Dottie, Lottie and Heydi. These are my most favourite dolls which were presented to me by the grandmother Marie. Dottie and Lottie are cute green-eyed blondes with a naughty look. And Heydi the swarty porcelain beauty in the Caucasian dress. Still there is Naoko. This is a puppet from Japan in a blue kimono. Pretty girl! I love my collection very much!
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